First post!

So, this is my first post ever in this blog. A brand new blog. Feels pretty good. A fresh start of something great. Well, I hope this will be great, anyway. To start this whole thing, I’ll tell you all a little about how this blog was born.

I’ve already had my own, personal blog for years. Since 2005 or so, I think. But whenever I write about music there, I feel like it’s the wrong place. The people who read that blog are probably not very interested in the music I write about or recommend. They don’t really care if Coheed & Cambria release a new album, or if I find a funny Tom DeLonge video on YouTube. And then there’s all my talk about new bands I find. Those that are new to me, at least. See, ever since I discovered MySpace (in 2003?) I’ve been very interested in searching for and listening to new bands and artists. Because there’s so much talent out there. MySpace, Purevolume,, music blogs, music magazines, news sites and so on. I’m regularly browsing for new music everywhere. And whenever I find something I really like, I want to tell the world. I want that musician to reach out, gain as many admirers as possible. That’s what this blog is for.

A lot of things in this blog will be about those less known bands and artists. The ones who really deserve a shout out. But I will also write things about very famous people, of course. Because this blog has no limits. It’s not tied to a certain genre or a specific scene. It’s not just about new music. Not about old music. It’s just music. Just sounds. Because that’s what music is: a bunch of sounds put together. Like a big pile, that turns out to be something awesome. And then you’re all like “Fuck yeah! Sounds!”

Let’s get started.


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