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Hoppus on music


As always, Mark Hoppus is right.

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Best Coast

Spring is here! … or is it? In Sweden, we’ve had a loooong winter (about six months or so), so I’m longing for spring more than ever. I want the grass to get greener, I want the sun to shine more often, I want to see some fucking green leaves. Apparently (according to the weather forecast), it’s supposed to get warmer by next week. Today it snowed, though, so I try not to get too excited about anything.

However, during this time of the year I try to focus on music that I associate with spring and summer. It makes me happy and hopeful, which is always a good thing. Today I’ve been listening to Best Coast. They’re a surf pop band, which pretty much guarantees you’ll crack a smile while listening to them. I’m very fond of their production. It has a garage-y touch to it. Feels very simple and light; perfect spring music!

My favorite Best Coast song so far is probably Our Deal, from the album Best Coast, which by the way has a lovely album cover:

Another good thing about Best Coast is that they’ve decided to share a track for free through Visit this page to download The Only Place for free! Just click the “Free download via” button in the menu on the right. Pretty great, huh?


Best Coast on Spotify.

Best Coast currently have 401 581 listeners on

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