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No Sleep Records sampler



Are you into the alternative music scene? If your answer is yes: I’ve got good news for you! No Sleep Records recently released a sampler, containing a bunch of great musicians and songs. Actually, I decided to buy the sampler already in the middle of the first song. Without looking further into the tracklisting, I named my price and paid for it with my PayPal account. Then I saw that there were tracks from a lot of bands I like, such as La Dispute, Departures and Touché Amoré. Things could barely get better. But somehow, they did. It is actually possible to get this sampler for free. As you can see, it says “Buy now: name your price” and the good news is that there is no minimum set. This means you can download the sampler for zero money. I would like to add, though, that if you’re at all into alternative music such as hardcore, melodic hardcore, pop-punk, acoustic stuff, punk etc etc, this sampler will most likely not let you down. It will be worth a dollar or two for you. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to support good music and nice record companies. The musicians and the companies need money in order to release new, awesome music. Even the smallest contributions are always welcome.

Now, go to No Sleep Records’ Bandcamp page and grab this wonderful sampler. And then spread the word!

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Austin Carlile on music

I haven’t listened to Of Mice & Men a lot, but a lot of people I follow on Tumblr do. And they post a lot of things about Austin Carlile, the singer. Maybe I’m too early to judge, but I think he seems like a nice guy who has a good message. He seems to appreciate his fans with his whole heart, which I think is a very good trait for someone in a band.

Just a few minutes ago, I was scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard, and I found these tweets from Austin. I think he has a very good – and important – point. Music is not about segregation, it’s about integration.

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