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A few months ago (yes, it took me long to finally write this post) a band called Vinyette emailed me and told me about their music. They were just about to release a music video for their song Tattoo Crazy. Summer passed, I was quite busy with school and my two bachelor theses. I hardly wrote anything here, I believe. All of a sudden I finally left the university and moved to Stockholm (hey, I’m a real teacher now. Yay me!). Lots of things to fix in the new apartment, very tired every day after work. You know. Life. But I thought about the guys in Vinyette from time to time, and listened to their tunes on Soundcloud every now and then. And today it’s time to tell the rest of you about these guys.

Vinyette make alternative rock music with indie influences and I believe they’ve written a bio somewhere where they explain their use of funk and blues ingredients. What I like about Vinyette is that their songs have quite different sounds. I like that in musicians; the ability to show different sides and sounds of yourself. My two favorite Vinyette songs are MDP and Meatball Love Tone.

This one, MDP, takes me back to the 90’s. To me, there is just a garage smelling grunge feeling to the whole thing. I really dig it. It sounds raw.

If you listen to Meatball Love Tone you can probably hear the smooth guitars in the background. Smells like the 80’s. I can’t help but think about The Cure. Not in a “this sounds like The Cure” kind of way. Meatball Love Tone just has something that leads me to The Cure. I like that feeling. It’s captivating.

You can easily stream some cool Vinyette songs on their Soundcloud page. You can also download a bunch of tracks for free on their website. They are also on Spotify. Thanks for sharing your music, Vinyette!

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Rest in peace, Elliott Smith

Can’t wait to go on YouTube tomorrow to see which Elliott Smith songs Badly Drawn Boy (the guy in the photo above) played tonight at the tribute show in London. Should be great. Elliott Smith was a phenomenal songwriter, truly one of a kind. And Badly Drawn Boy has grown to be one of my favorite artists out there. Hearing Badly Drawn Boy perform Smith songs should be heartbreaking but beautiful. Rest in peace, Elliott.

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10 year anniversary coming up


In November, blink-182’s self-titled album turns ten. The past few years when I’ve asked myself “What is my favorite album of all time?” I always end up thinking of this one. It is without doubt the record that has inspired and influenced me the most ever since its release. About a year ago, I started thinking about which album I would choose to listen to the rest of my life, if I could only pick one. The answer is: this one. The reason I would choose it is because it includes a lot of different sounds and emotions, which means it would be suitable for various occasions. And it would take longer to get tired of it (if I ever would).

When blink started to tease their fans with different Instagram images hinting that some kind of self-titled 10 year anniversary announcement was coming up, you can imagine how excited I was. Just like bands in general, blink rarely come to Scandinavia to play, so I said to myself: “If a self-titled tour is coming up, I’m fucking flying to wherever to see it with my own eyes.” To hear blink play this record in its entirety would be a dream come true to many of us blink fans.

After a few days of teasing, building up huge expectations among the fans, blink-182 made the announcement: the band will play two ten year anniversary shows in November. In America. In California. Well, both shows will actually be in Hollywood, to be more specific. In a relatively small venue. My thoughts: “What in the name of FUCK?!” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sound ungrateful. Of course I’m very happy that they’re even doing this to celebrate the record. There will also be a KROQ show which is said to be webcast live, which is really cool. But the thing is, I’m disappointed. Very disappointed. If they only wanted to do two performances they could’ve at least made them in different continents.

Ok. I’m going to try to accept how things are and be glad for the people who will actually be able to experience this. I’m glad blink are doing shows. The self-titled record deserves to be celebrated, not only because a lot of people love it but because I think it has contributed to its scene. It’s an important album. Let’s hope I’ll be able to catch the live streaming from KROQ on November 7th.

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Blink and you’ll miss it


No Sleep Records are currently up to something they call Free Bandcamp days. Departures’ amazing record Teenage Haze is available for free. You’ve just got to grab it. Teenage Haze has such beautiful melodies; it was definitely an instant crush for me as soon as I heard the opening track Drained Out less than a year ago. If you like people who yell, drums that constantly lead the song forward, and sweet album covers then this record is perfect for your autumn. Download it for free here before it’s too late.

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