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Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve. Already. A lot has changed this year. I finally graduated from the university (became a teacher), I moved to Stockholm. A whole calendar year (January – December) without ever seeing or talking to my mum passed. It still feels surreal. The whole thing. Death. A couple of days after Christmas when me and my girldfriend were in the car with dad, we drove by a car accident. While in the queue, waiting to drive past the accident scene, I think we counted to eight ambulances arriving to help those in need. When we reached the cars and people that were involved we saw things that are stuck in my head since then. Destroyed cars. At least five people lying on the ground covered in blankets (it was hard to tell if they were dead or alive). Some people hugging each other. Cops. Ambulance staff. Blinking blue lights.

Life is so fragile. Exactly how fragile is, I believe, impossible to fully understand.

I’m not going to list my favorite music from 2013 or anything like that. I just don’t find making lists like that very pleasing at all. But there are three songs that have been very popular on the radio here in Sweden (a few of them surely also in other countries) that I will keep listening to for a long time. These three songs are just fabulous, in my opinion.

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

Seinabo Sey – Younger
(Haven’t heard of this one? You have to listen to it! Probably the best Swedish song right now.)

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Findings from the MySpace era, part 1

Back in 2003 I started hanging out on MySpace. At the time, few people in Sweden did. I used the site frequently for about four or five years. It was such an amazing place to find new bands and artists. Some of those I found and started listening to have become quite famous within their scene. Others may not even be a band anymore.

In my new little section Findings from the Myspace era, I will share some of my favorite bands and artists from the MySpace days. Kind of nostalgic, at least for me. In this first part I will let you know about Dead City Riots. Saying they’re a band I found through MySpace is a lie, though. Here’s the story about how I started listening to them: my English teacher in upper secondary school had been to Scotland on vacation. When he came back he gave me a demo called Dead City Riots EP by the Glasgow based band Dead City Riots. (He knew I was very interested in new music, that’s why he gave me the EP.) From what I can remember, they had either been playing songs in the street or maybe just handed out CD:s for free. Not quite sure. It doesn’t really matter, either.

I couldn’t thank my English teacher enough for giving me that EP. It has a raw feeling to it, which I loved right from the start. I visited the band’s MySpace page and found out that they had released a whole record since that EP. After I had gotten in touch with the band (through MySpace) they sent me their album (for free) and for quite a few years I kept in touch with the bass player, Cameron. Dead City Riots’ album is called Always is Never the Same, and it’s still such a great collection of songs. I’ve lost touch with Cameron so I can’t be 100 % sure, but I think the band split. Or maybe they’ve done a blink-182 and are on an indefinite hiatus. However, I can’t find any new material from Dead City Riots. Sadly. It would’ve been interesting to see how their sound developed. And what is their sound, then? Well, post grunge could be a definition.

Dead City Riots – Something’s Got to Give

Dead City Riots – Car Crash

If you want to listen to Dead City Riots, you could start with the two songs above. They’re also on Spotify, but unfortunately enough their whole record isn’t there. Kind of sucks. But hey, it’s better than nothing!

Dead City Riots currently have 42 listeners on

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… oh, and merry Christmas!

I know I’m a little late. Christmas Eve was several days ago. I just haven’t had the time to write here, really (first world problem!). I would like to take the time to wish you all a merry Christmas (or rather, I hope you all had a good time) and tell you that I actually have a present for you. Yes, a present. It’s a Spotify playlist called Not Another Smörgåsbord and it contains a bunch of Swedish bands/artists that I would like to spread the word about. Swedish music that I truly recommend. The best part is, this playlist will be updated even after you decide to subscribe to it. As soon as I come across nice Swedish music, I’ll make sure to add it and share it with you.

Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? This is the link which will lead you to the playlist. Subscribe to it, follow it, or whatever the word is these days. Just make sure you don’t miss it. If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends.

I should probably mention that some songs are in Swedish. You might not understand the lyrics without Google translate, but I think you’ll be able to appreciate the melodies anyway. At least I hope so.

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Dine Alone Records offer free tunes

Over at Dine Alone Records’ site you can get a bunch of free tunes from City and Colour, Alexisonfire, Jimmy Eat World, The Lumineers and more. Click here to visit Dine Alone and download their Holiday Sampler 2013.

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Albums on repeat

Two albums I’m really into right now are Citizen’s Youth and Makthaverskan’s Makthaverskan II.

It took me a while before I gave Citizen a listen. I sort of wish I had done it earlier. I had seen their name all over the place (i.e. the internet/in magazines) but never really got to the point where I felt interested in what sort of music they play. However, I’m glad they’re in my life now. On repeat. Youth is an interesting record. Very emotional. So what kind of music do they play? Well, I’d say melodic hardcore with lovely Brand New vibes.

If you want to check out Citizen, today is your lucky day! They’ve got a bunch of free tracks available for download on Download and enjoy.

Citizen currently have 38 892 listeners on
Citizen’s Youth on Spotify.



“So what’s up with this Makthaverskan thing?” some of you might ask. I guess if you’re not a Swede, their band name might be a little weird to you. Makthaverskan could be directly translated as The Ruler. Someone who has the power, that is. Makt is Swedish for power. Makthaverskan suggests that it’s a female ruler; otherwise one would say “makthavare” (for a male ruler). Well, enough language talk. Makthaverskan are a Swedish post punk band and they are amazing. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Great female vocals with a perfect amount of teenage angst and anger.

Makthaverskan currently have 11 914 listeners on
Makthaverskan’s Makthaverskan II on Spotify.

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