Findings from the MySpace era, part 1

Back in 2003 I started hanging out on MySpace. At the time, few people in Sweden did. I used the site frequently for about four or five years. It was such an amazing place to find new bands and artists. Some of those I found and started listening to have become quite famous within their scene. Others may not even be a band anymore.

In my new little section Findings from the Myspace era, I will share some of my favorite bands and artists from the MySpace days. Kind of nostalgic, at least for me. In this first part I will let you know about Dead City Riots. Saying they’re a band I found through MySpace is a lie, though. Here’s the story about how I started listening to them: my English teacher in upper secondary school had been to Scotland on vacation. When he came back he gave me a demo called Dead City Riots EP by the Glasgow based band Dead City Riots. (He knew I was very interested in new music, that’s why he gave me the EP.) From what I can remember, they had either been playing songs in the street or maybe just handed out CD:s for free. Not quite sure. It doesn’t really matter, either.

I couldn’t thank my English teacher enough for giving me that EP. It has a raw feeling to it, which I loved right from the start. I visited the band’s MySpace page and found out that they had released a whole record since that EP. After I had gotten in touch with the band (through MySpace) they sent me their album (for free) and for quite a few years I kept in touch with the bass player, Cameron. Dead City Riots’ album is called Always is Never the Same, and it’s still such a great collection of songs. I’ve lost touch with Cameron so I can’t be 100 % sure, but I think the band split. Or maybe they’ve done a blink-182 and are on an indefinite hiatus. However, I can’t find any new material from Dead City Riots. Sadly. It would’ve been interesting to see how their sound developed. And what is their sound, then? Well, post grunge could be a definition.

Dead City Riots – Something’s Got to Give

Dead City Riots – Car Crash

If you want to listen to Dead City Riots, you could start with the two songs above. They’re also on Spotify, but unfortunately enough their whole record isn’t there. Kind of sucks. But hey, it’s better than nothing!

Dead City Riots currently have 42 listeners on

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One response to “Findings from the MySpace era, part 1

  1. Cameron A. Smart

    Hi Bea!
    It’s Cameron from DCR here. Thank you so very much for your kind words! My MySpace account was hacked….twice,so kind of gave up on it. Apologies for not being in touch….I just stumbled upon this page…..hope all is well with you,my Swedish friend!

    I’ll try and fill in some blanks for you. Following our album release,we toured the UK,then our guitarist left as he had recently become a father. After a long search,we had our friend Greg join….we played a few gigs here,then he had a serious industrial accident. He broke both arms,wrists and a thumb….which is bad if you play guitar! It took around 8 months for his rehab,but we eventually decided to call it a day in 2012. I had moved to Edinburgh, and people’s lives were putting demands on their time, sadly.
    We did,however,record an unreleased demo in 2010 which I will email to you. 😀

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