“The sun goes down / I feel the light betray me”

I just discovered something really weird. Weird in a good way. You can download Linkin Park’s magnificent album Hybrid Theory for free over at Last.fm. Legally! How great is that? Just click here to download each track. When Rock Sound published a countdown called 101 Modern Classic Albums, Hybrid Theory was number one:
“That LP’s 25-million selling introduction claims top spot should come as no surprise. An electronic, guitar-driven firestarter that continues to shift units by the bucketload nearly 12 years on, ‘Hybrid Theory’ remains one of the most iconic and staggeringly successful releases of the 21st Century, the likes of which will almost certainly never be seen again.”

I’ve loved Hybrid Theory so much from the first time I heard it, which was around the time it was released (2000). As Rock Sound said, iconic record. These days it’s hard to believe Linkin Park used to be this good.

Linkin Park currently have 3 504 584 listeners on Last.fm.


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