“Give me one good reason why I should never make a change”

I was looking through upcoming gigs in Stockholm and there was one name on the list that especially caught my eye: George Ezra. Mostly because I’m very fond of the name Ezra, for some reason. I decided to listen to some of his songs in order to decide whether I’m going to his gig on March 21 or not. Seems like he’s only released an EP and a single so far. Which is not a problem. Those songs were enough to make me want to see him live. Looking forward to it!

George Ezra’s music could be described as indie folk in a singer-songwriter way. He has a distinctive voice which I’m sure is to his advantage in a genre I’m quite often bored with. I mean, how many people with guitars and country/folk influences can we handle? Well. Apparently one more.

Click here to listen to George Ezra on Spotify. Or just listen to this track right here:

George Ezra currently has 28 124 listeners on Last.fm.

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Filed under indie folk, singer-songwriter

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