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“Hi. We’re Nothing. Really.”

I went to see Nothing yesterday. They were playing in Stockholm and put on a really great show. I hadn’t listened to them too much beforehand, but they released a solid record called Guilty of Everything earlier this year. Here’s a track from it:

Nothing – Bent Nail. While reading a bit about Nothing, I stumbled across the word “punkgaze”. Yeah. Maybe that’s what we should call this.

Listen to Nothing on Spotify.

Nothing currently have 31 908 listeners on

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Findings from the MySpace era, part 3

I remember listening to A Step Behind’s Since We Can’t Have Forever a whole lot since I’d found it on MySpace. Sweet sounding pop punk. That can never go wrong, right? To my surprise, the record is on Spotify. It may not be a masterpiece but it sure has some good moments. Here’s a little teaser for you:

A Step Behind – I’m Losing

My favorite track from the record is Proper Precations For a Fake Suicide, though. Be sure to listen to it on Spotify.

A Step Behind currently have 2 740 listeners on

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How to get good music recommendations

Having a coffee listening to bands I haven’t listened to before. I love doing this. I’ve got a whole bunch of recommendations, based on what I’ve listened to before, that I’m just working my way through. Most recommendations fit my taste very well, others are spot on. So what’s the key to getting good music suggestions? Sign up for a account! It’s completely free. Once you’ve listened to music for a while you’ll be able to see all your recommendations like this:

I’ve had my account for about nine years now so they know me pretty well. What I love about this is that I get suggestions of established bands as well as those that are less known.

And hey, if you decide to get a account – make sure to add me as your friend!

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