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“I listen to bands that don’t even exist yet”

Is it your New Year’s resolution to refresh your music catalogue; to stop running in place listening to the same music you listened to five years ago? Do you want to be a little hipster sometimes and find yourself saying stuff like “I listen to bands that don’t even exist yet”? Look no further, simply follow my Spotify playlist called Less known bands/artists. Hours of songs by musicians that deserve recognition. And trust me, I add a lot of promising music to this list. I only add artists/bands that have less than 25 000 listeners on (sometimes I let them stay until 30 000, but it doesn’t happen a lot). Once they’ve gained a lot of recognition I remove them. I’ve had Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Matthew and the Atlas, Balance and Composure, Perfume Genius and Young the Giant on the list to name a few. A lot of different genres are represented, so if there’s a track you don’t like just skip it and hope for the next one to be better.

Click here to follow the playlist. It could feature your new favorite band, you know!

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Newest additions

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who still buys records.

Today I picked up:
Hello Saferide – The Fox, The Hunter and Hello Saferide
Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were
Ryan Adams – Gold
Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine
The Velvet Teen – Out of the Fierce Parade

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A lyric video by Yellowcard

A friend of mine recommended Yellowcard’s Christmas Lights cover (originally by Coldplay). The song is alright, but what really caught my attention is the lyric video. It makes me warm inside and puts a smile on my face. Minimalistic yet memorable video.

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Music for snowy days

There’s something about cohesive soundtracks. Those that are written and/or performed by one single artist or band. I personally think that it adds another dimension to the movie because songs can be such a good complement to the story. Since it’s currently winter and snowy in Sweden, I thought I’d post a little something about the soundtrack to About a Boy.  The phenomenal Damon Gough aka Badly Drawn Boy (let’s talk more about him sometime!) is the brains behind this record. Even though neither the movie nor the soundtrack really fits 100 % into the Christmas category I always find myself listening to these songs a lot this time of year. Going out for a walk in the cold on a sunny day, hearing the snow crunch under your shoes. That’s what I associate this record with. It’s definitely one of my favorite Badly Drawn Boy albums.

P.S.: I can also recommend the book (written by Nick Hornby) and the movie, if you haven’t already checked them out.

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Novo Amor

Earlier this year I discovered Novo Amor’s music. A solo project – Ali Lacey is the only member – that results in melancholic indie folk songs. Everything released so far is as mesmerizing as Bon Iver. I think Holland is my favorite Novo Amor track right now:

Novo Amor on Spotify.

Novo Amor currently has 19 959 listeners on

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“Go on just say it / You need me like a bad habit”

On November 29th, Taking Back Sunday played in Sweden for the first time ever. Crazy, I know. Many of us had waited over 10 years to see them and they certainly didn’t let us down. I still have a hard time finding the right words to describe this show. That’s why I decided to simply share some of my photos and leave it at that. Let’s go!


Yeah. The second best show I’ve ever been to. Ever. Such presence by the band, great connection between Adam and the crowd. Awesome setlist. Lots of love in a very small place.

If you’ve never listened to Taking Back Sunday, I recommend the two first records. Such as this song (One-Eighty By Summer):

Check out Taking Back Sunday on Spotify.

Taking Back Sunday currently have 1 180 371 listeners.

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“Take me as your courage”

I know, I know. Angels & Airwaves have released new songs and the new record is already streaming online. Yet I want to write about old stuff. Well, not old old. Just older. There’s this one AVA song that is surprisingly outstanding compared to the rest of their catalogue. Diary. When I first heard this I was blown away – something that has never happened to me with an AVA release before. The long intro is beautiful. The lyrics are amazing. The music video is fantastic. And when Tom begins to sing it’s just… wow. The drowned vocals. They give me the chills, actually. I wish everything AVA releases from now on would sound like this, but I know it won’t.

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This video won’t let you down

OK Go have made an absolutely stunning music video for their song I Won’t Let You Down. I hardly watch music videos anymore, but this one is so captivating I could just repeat it all day.

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