“I listen to bands that don’t even exist yet”

Is it your New Year’s resolution to refresh your music catalogue; to stop running in place listening to the same music you listened to five years ago? Do you want to be a little hipster sometimes and find yourself saying stuff like “I listen to bands that don’t even exist yet”? Look no further, simply follow my Spotify playlist called Less known bands/artists. Hours of songs by musicians that deserve recognition. And trust me, I add a lot of promising music to this list. I only add artists/bands that have less than 25 000 listeners on Last.fm (sometimes I let them stay until 30 000, but it doesn’t happen a lot). Once they’ve gained a lot of recognition I remove them. I’ve had Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Matthew and the Atlas, Balance and Composure, Perfume Genius and Young the Giant on the list to name a few. A lot of different genres are represented, so if there’s a track you don’t like just skip it and hope for the next one to be better.

Click here to follow the playlist. It could feature your new favorite band, you know!


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