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8 free tracks

Get free tracks from Bayside, Man Overboard, Senses Fail and Seaway here. Two songs from each band.

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“Maaan, I’m always fucked up!”

Can’t stop listening to Busch Hymns by Posture & the Grizzly. Ridiculously addictive. The album cover is neat, too:

Check out the track below and then click here to download this album for free.

Posture & the Grizzly currently have 2 247 listeners on

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I’ll never forget 2014

When it comes to concerts, 2014 was kind of weird. In a cool way. A great way. I saw Bayside, NOFX and Taking Back Sunday live. Three bands I’ve been listening to for about a decade; two of which have never been to Sweden before. Sure, seeing them live eight years ago would have been cool, but honestly I think I somehow appreciated it even more now. It’s cool going to shows when you’re a little older and you’re not too caught up in being a fan; it’s not as much a competition as it is a pleasure. I like not being as overwhelmed by the fact that this or that bandmember is standing in front of me, or feeling like I’ve got to remember every word to every song or I’m not a “real” fan. You know what I mean?



Taking Back Sunday.

Sorry for the shitty iPhone photos, but in Sweden we’re hardly ever allowed to bring DSLR cameras to shows anymore. Not sure if that’s the case for most people in other countries too.

But those bands weren’t the best part of 2014. I finally got to see blink-182 live. A band I’ve been listening to for 15 years or so; three of my favorite people in the whole world. They have meant and still mean more to me than any other musicians out there. I went to London in August to see them perform at the Brixton Academy. As if that wasn’t enough I also met Travis Barker after the show. The brief encounter was over in seconds, but it was one of the most memorable moments of my life so far. At 25 I feel a little too old to wait for bands by their bus after shows but blink is my only exception. blink-182 life. For life.


Travis after the show.

2014 gave me a lot of awesome concert experiences. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2015 will bring.

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Grab yourself some twinkly emo

When All We Love is Lost and sports. are two American emo acts with twinkly touches. What they’ve released so far has a playful, unpolished feeling to it. Check out these tracks:

When All We Love is Lost – Downtown Sidewalks

sports. – Classic 2s

Last year, When All We Love is Lost and sports. released an acoustic EP called Oh, Okay//Wait, What? together. You can download this EP, as well as everything else they’ve all uploaded, for free through their Bandcamp pages. Click here for When All We Love is Lost, and then click here for sports.

When All We Love is Lost currently has 273 listeners on (He’s on Spotify, too!)
sports. currently have 477 listeners on

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93 free tracks!

Make sure not to miss this! Topshelf Records just released their annual label sampler, containing bands from their label as well as bands they want everyone to check out. 93 (!) tracks for you to enjoy. Price: $0. If you do decide to pay, though, the money goes to charity. There’s a wide range of genres among these songs; I’d be surprised if you didn’t find something you like.

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Awesome compilation from Run For Cover

Run For Cover Records are offering a “Best of 2014” sampler for free through their Bandcamp page. It features one track from every record they’ve released in 2014. Make sure to get this if you’re into post-hardcore, shoegaze, post-punk, indie, emo or basically anything else that sounds good. The sampler features Whirr, Makthaverskan, Nothing, Modern Baseball and Hostage Calm among others.

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