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Great albums with bad covers

Just a couple of days ago posted a link to an article about albums that are loved by people but have awful cover art. As interesting as the original article is, the real entertainment can be found in the replies of the thread. If you’re bored on a Sunday like this, make sure to spend a few minutes browsing through the users’ suggestions of great albums with really bad covers.

My contribution? Well, these two albums came to mind:


Of Machines – As If Everything Was Held in Place


Coheed and Cambria – No World For Tomorrow

(If you feel like looking at some pretty album covers after all the ugliness, just click here.)

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Robert Smith’s cover of The Twilight Sad

I’ve listened to The Twilight Sad’s music for quite a while now, but I’ve never thought about how well Robert Smith’s voice would actually fit to their songs. Now that he’s made me aware of it, this version of There’s a Girl In the Corner feels obvious.

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The Japanese House

Not sure how to pick my words when it comes to the EP Pools to Bathe In by The Japanese House. Let’s just say it’s been on repeat for a few days. Isn’t it great when you give something a chance with no expectations whatsoever and it turns out that thing is actually quite perfect? Listening to The Japanese House’s EP feels like floating in water with your eyes closed. At night. I’m definitely excited to see what this girl creates in the future.

The Japanese House – Still

Give The Japanese House a chance on Spotify.

The Japanese House currently has 14 256 listeners on

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