“And every dream I’ve ever had has been of myself”

Last spring I couldn’t stop listening to Magnolia by Turnover. (I mean, how great isn’t Most of the Time?!) This spring was the same in many ways, because Turnover released their record Peripheral Vision and I kept listening to it over and over again. Then spring became summer and I just kept listening to the record. Phenomenal and dreamy. Turnover have developed their sound beautifully in a way that Last.fm user mazalthan described very well: “Somehow this record manages to be dark, yet inviting, and beautiful, yet subtle, all simultaneously.”

Do yourself a favor and listen to Peripheral Vision. If you have a record player you should probably even buy it because of reasons.

(PS: There are a few older Turnover tracks available for free on their Last.fm page. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll find them.)

Turnover – Cutting My Fingers Off


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