I’m at my most vulnerable today. It’s been exactly three years since my mum passed away. Things were quite alright all day; I had a lot to do at work so I was distracted enough. After work I went to the cemetery just to light a candle and breathe and focus on mum in an environment that allowed concentration. Not sure if that makes any sense. But then again, what does?

Considering the circumstances, I was fine. Until I opened Last.fm. They’ve “gone live” with their new interface (quick tip, Last.fm: don’t force users to use something that’s clearly not finished any time soon) and this is just too much for me on a day like this. My eyes have literally teared up several times during the evening (that’s a little too much, I know, but I’m simply not ready for this change today) because of the new design. It’s just that incredibly awful. You can see for yourself in these photos:

This is my new profile. Why would I want my most played track emphasized at the top? See how Last.fm have decided that blink-182 should be in my cover photo just because they’re my most played artist – what’s up with that? No town or country listed – really? Track – artist instead of artist – track – REALLY? Following/followers – really? This isn’t Twitter, you know. An ugly fucking heart next to each song. A Google ad as one of the first things you see in my profile? Are you taking a fucking shit on me, Last.fm?

Here’s my new home page. Recommending me shows I’m already attending – really? Ads that take up one third of the whole page? What?

Back to my profile, a bit further down. The dimension of things is just really strange. Those photos are way too big and the way they’re presented looks stupid. And if I don’t want to list my top albums on my profile, can I remove that section? Nope! Is there perhaps a way to see more of my top artists in a text based list, like before? No, of course not! Because Last.fm love to give us shitty updates and they want us all to hate them. Are ads taking up one third of my profile? Yes! There’s no way to overview my profile and scrobbles in an easy way because all I see are large photos and irrelevant ads.PS: Where are my upcoming events? My bio?

Here’s what things look like if you visit a song page. If you think this is good and/or useful design, you must be 1) an idiot or 2) totally inexperienced with web design.

I hate you so much right now, Last.fm. I’m so sad to feel this way because I’ve cherished this site for nearly ten years and loved it to bits. I think my eyes are tearing up again.


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