“When you lose something you cannot replace”

A few weeks ago many Swedish artists performed a concert together in order to raise money for the European refugee crisis. The best part about it all was all the money people donated – of course – but another great thing about the show was that we all got another chance to see Magnus Carlson and Petra Marklund cover Coldplay’s Fix You. The first time this happened was during Musikhjälpen (translates to Music Aid) in 2013. Musikhjälpen is a radio and TV show which every year aims to raise money for a different cause. So, during Musikhjälpen a couple of years ago Magnus Carlson (singer of Swedish band Weeping Willows) and Petra Marklund (Swedish solo artist) performed Fix You and I was literally blown away. It was probably the most beautiful and intense version of the song ever. Luckily for all of you, the whole thing is on YouTube:

Magnus Carlson and Petra Marklund – Fix You

This video still gives me the chills. End of message.


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