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“Feelings come and go / I will let you know”

Last year I kept coming back to Peripheral Vision by Turnover. Months passed but it stayed in my mind and I played it over and over through all seasons. Promise Everything by Basement is my Peripheral Vision of 2016. I already know it for sure. This record has some grungey 90’s, early 00’s rock vibes to it while also managing to feel fresh and interesting. Need I mention that the vocals are as great as ever when it comes to Basement?

By the way, I was lucky enough to see Basement live last week. They played in a very small basement (! very meta) in Stockholm. Tigers Jaw played a whole bunch of songs, too. The whole thing was really an incredible experience. Here’s a picture I took:

To sum up: make sure you don’t miss out on Promise Everything. You might as well start with this song and this song.

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