Petit Biscuit

Back in May when I was browsing new releases on Spotify I found this pretty album cover:

Of course I had to listen to a record with such appealing artwork. I learned that this is a 16 year old guy from France making electronic house-y songs. After that, I listened to his latest EP a couple of times, thought about writing something about him in this blog, and then sort of forgot about the whole thing. Until now.

As I was reading articles about iOS 10 I ended up on Apple’s official site for the release. And there he was, the biscuit!

This was too much of a coincidence for me not to write about. Petit Biscuit has definitely gained more listeners since I first found out about him a few months ago, so perhaps that is how he ended up on Apple’s site.

Anyhow, here’s a track by Petit Biscuit for everyone who’s excited about some fresh blood:

Petit Biscuit – Once Again

Listen to Petit Biscuit on Spotify.

Petit Biscuit currently has 63 132 listeners on


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