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30 songs: 23

23: A song that reminds you of your parents.

Benny Anderssons orkester and Tommy Körberg – Fait Accompli

MUM: This was one of my mum’s favorite songs. She would turn up the volume every time she heard it. I especially remember one time when we were in the car on the Swedish country roads and Fait Accompli came on the radio. The saxophone in the intro started playing and mum was all “I LOVE this one!” and sang along with Tommy Körberg throughout the song. I’ve loved it too since that very moment.

Gipsy Kings – Djobi, Djoba

DAD: Friday nights meant cooking a nice dinner and listening to music when I was a kid. Just hanging out together, basically. We would listen to anything from mum and dad’s record collection, but a handful of those records were the ones we constantly returned to, year after year. During my early years I remember dad would often pick Gipsy King’s Greatest Hits record for these nights. To me, it became very associated with weekends and a special feeling of being home (safe and happy). As I grew older I found myself picking the very same record more often than many others.

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