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Julien Baker and Manchester Orchestra

Thank. You. Mighty. Power.

This cover of Pedro the Lion’s Bad Things to Such Good People is perfect.

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Duck. Little Brother, Duck!

Spent my Sunday morning listening to Don’t Take Our Filth Away by Duck. Little Brother, Duck! A very solid, fun record full of energy. Everybody Loves Screamo is a good start if you’ve never heard this band before:

If you like what you hear, you can listen to Duck. Little Brother, Duck! on Spotify or grab some free music here and here.

Duck. Little Brother, Duck! currently have 5 738 listeners on

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A band I really miss is Meleeh. Their 2007 release Heartland is one of those favorite records where I find something new every time I listen to it. It also holds one of my favorite lines: “From nothingness I will slowly perish” (from Black Blizzard).

If you are in the mood for some melodic, Swedish hardcore music:

Listen to Meleeh on Spotify.

Meleeh currently have 5 503 listeners on Depressingly undiscovered.

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30 songs: 25

25: A song that reminds you of a former friend

Good Charlotte – The Anthem

When I first heard Good Charlotte my life changed. I know it sounds big – exaggerated even – but it’s true. First of all, they were the first “alternative” band I became obsessed with like I had previously been obsessed with Aaron Carter or the Backstreet Boys. A lot of people think of “obsessed” as something negative, but that has never been the case for me. I was unconditionally dedicated. Second of all, this was the first time I had someone to share my love with. What is nowadays a former friend was my most important friend back then. We spent countless hours discussing and listening to pop punk, alternative rock and punk rock. We learned to play guitar just because we wanted to play the songs we loved. We sat in front of the TV waiting for music videos such as The Anthem in order to record them on VHS and view them over and over again. Learning every single shot by heart. Every afternoon and evening we would scan every single homepage and forum we knew thoroughly in order to find out more about our favorite bands, especially Good Charlotte. Saving all pictures we could find and sorting them into folders on our computers. As often as possible we took the train to Stockholm and spent all our money on imported pop and rock magazines and of course any band merch we could find. The alternative music scene in general was the glue that kept us together for a long time. I will forever cherish the memories I have from my youth that was preoccupied by fan culture more than anything else. And those years wouldn’t have been half as fun without my friend. We never speak anymore, but whenever I hear a song by a band we loved I’m filled with happy thoughts.

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Sarah Klang’s debut album

I was in desperate need of something new. Music I hadn’t heard thousands of times before. An album where I had no idea where the next track would be taking me. I love that feeling. I’m in the passenger seat and have no control whatsoever. Luckily, I decided to check out Sarah Klang’s debut Love in the Milky Way and now she has taken me on a trip to space. Yes. Listening to the album literally feels like being an astronaut floating all alone in space. The lack of gravity. The weirdness. The absolute silence outside the helmet where these songs are playing. It is wonderful.

Love in the Milky Way is groundbreaking and impossible not to love.

Sarah Klang – Strangers

Sarah Klang – Left Me on Fire

Listen to Sarah Klang on Spotify.

Sarah Klang currently has 5 579 listeners on She’s a total hype in Sweden right now, though.

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