About Fuck yeah! Sounds!

This is not a blog about new music. It’s not a blog about old music. It’s about music. Whenever and wherever it’s from. The blog doesn’t focus on a specific genre or scene. It’s a blend of all kinds of sounds that I happen to stumble upon.

First and foremost, I created this blog because I wanted to have a place where I could share all the awesome bands and artists I find. Because I seem to find them everywhere. And if I like them, why not tell everyone else? With that said, this might be the place where you find your new favorite band.

Aside from music recommendations, this blog contains a lot of different things that all have one thing in common: music. Read a few posts and you’ll get the idea. Let’s just say the theme that puts all these little pieces together is one simple expression: “Fuck yeah! Sounds!”

So who is this person who posts things on this site? Well, my name is Bea and I was born in 1989. I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden. If anyone ever asked me about my favorite band I’d say blink-182 without blinking. My favorite Swedish artists of all time are Lars Winnerbäck and Laleh. And I can never get enough of Tiger Lou. Or Kent. Since I’m a Swede, it’s pretty natural that I come across a lot of Swedish artists. That’s why I’ve decided to have a special category called Swedish in this blog. I know a lot of people like Swedish music, and this way it’ll be easier for everyone to find it.

I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I do. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions: fysounds[at]gmail.com. If you are a musician featured on this site, and would like to be removed, e-mail me and I will remove your music/lyrics/whatever right away.

Site admin/author: Bea Karlsson
Header photo: Pianos Become The Teeth by Bea Karlsson

2 responses to “About Fuck yeah! Sounds!

  1. Hey Bea,

    I’m from a band called Night on the Sun (formerly called Lift the Decade). I don’t know if you remember but you made a post about us 2 years ago regarding our single and forthcoming album with Ace Enders.. Well all of that business with Ace fell through (due to creative differences) but we have a new single out now and an EP on the way, with tons of shows on the docket for the summer. We went in a more pop direction, I don’t know how much you will identify with it, but you can check it out and if you like it, it would be awesome if you could do an update on us! Thanks for the support by the way..


    • Nick! Of course I remember you guys. I still listen to “Out of Reverie” from time to time. Such a nice track! For the past years I’ve been keeping up with your progress through Facebook. The new stuff sounds awesome. You should really keep it up. And hey, if your music ever brings you to Stockholm, make sure to let me know and I’ll show you around town! 🙂

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