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Sarah Klang’s debut album

I was in desperate need of something new. Music I hadn’t heard thousands of times before. An album where I had no idea where the next track would be taking me. I love that feeling. I’m in the passenger seat and have no control whatsoever. Luckily, I decided to check out Sarah Klang’s debut Love in the Milky Way and now she has taken me on a trip to space. Yes. Listening to the album literally feels like being an astronaut floating all alone in space. The lack of gravity. The weirdness. The absolute silence outside the helmet where these songs are playing. It is wonderful.

Love in the Milky Way is groundbreaking and impossible not to love.

Sarah Klang – Strangers

Sarah Klang – Left Me on Fire

Listen to Sarah Klang on Spotify.

Sarah Klang currently has 5 579 listeners on She’s a total hype in Sweden right now, though.

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Flagship Romance

I got my first Fuck Yeah! Sounds! e-mail last week. A band called Flagship Romance asked me to check out their brand new music video, and maybe even feature them in this blog. I saw the video and found the tune really catchy, so I decided to definitely make a post here about them. The band consists of Jordyn and Shawn, and they play folk pop music with obvious country influences. They both sing, and their voices work really well together.

After having received the e-mail, and checked their music video, I googled Flagship Romance. I had a look at their Tumblr page, their page, their Twitter, Bandcamp and so on. As far as I could see, they didn’t have any free downloads available anywhere, so I asked them if they would like to share a free song with the Fuck Yeah! Sounds! readers (and the rest of the world). They said they were totally down for it. Good news for us all! Just visit Flagship Romance’s page to get their song Hit the Ground for zero money. (Click the free download link right next to the song title. Easy as that!) I also recommend everyone to check the music video for Hit the Ground, which was just released.

Oh, and last week they got to open for Goo Goo Dolls in Florida. How cool is that?!

Flagship Romance currently have 37 listeners on

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