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Petit Biscuit

Back in May when I was browsing new releases on Spotify I found this pretty album cover:

Of course I had to listen to a record with such appealing artwork. I learned that this is a 16 year old guy from France making electronic house-y songs. After that, I listened to his latest EP a couple of times, thought about writing something about him in this blog, and then sort of forgot about the whole thing. Until now.

As I was reading articles about iOS 10 I ended up on Apple’s official site for the release. And there he was, the biscuit!

This was too much of a coincidence for me not to write about. Petit Biscuit has definitely gained more listeners since I first found out about him a few months ago, so perhaps that is how he ended up on Apple’s site.

Anyhow, here’s a track by Petit Biscuit for everyone who’s excited about some fresh blood:

Petit Biscuit – Once Again

Listen to Petit Biscuit on Spotify.

Petit Biscuit currently has 63 132 listeners on

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The Japanese House

Not sure how to pick my words when it comes to the EP Pools to Bathe In by The Japanese House. Let’s just say it’s been on repeat for a few days. Isn’t it great when you give something a chance with no expectations whatsoever and it turns out that thing is actually quite perfect? Listening to The Japanese House’s EP feels like floating in water with your eyes closed. At night. I’m definitely excited to see what this girl creates in the future.

The Japanese House – Still

Give The Japanese House a chance on Spotify.

The Japanese House currently has 14 256 listeners on

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Elderly people rocking

Urban Cone, who refer to themselves as an indie-electro-rock band, will be playing in their hometown Stockholm in May. I visited the Facebook event page and found this post:

It says: “Grandma is coming hugs”. This really cheered me up, and now all I can think of is grandma dancing like there’s no tomorrow (swinging her body/hands in the air) to Sadness Disease:

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Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve. Already. A lot has changed this year. I finally graduated from the university (became a teacher), I moved to Stockholm. A whole calendar year (January – December) without ever seeing or talking to my mum passed. It still feels surreal. The whole thing. Death. A couple of days after Christmas when me and my girldfriend were in the car with dad, we drove by a car accident. While in the queue, waiting to drive past the accident scene, I think we counted to eight ambulances arriving to help those in need. When we reached the cars and people that were involved we saw things that are stuck in my head since then. Destroyed cars. At least five people lying on the ground covered in blankets (it was hard to tell if they were dead or alive). Some people hugging each other. Cops. Ambulance staff. Blinking blue lights.

Life is so fragile. Exactly how fragile is, I believe, impossible to fully understand.

I’m not going to list my favorite music from 2013 or anything like that. I just don’t find making lists like that very pleasing at all. But there are three songs that have been very popular on the radio here in Sweden (a few of them surely also in other countries) that I will keep listening to for a long time. These three songs are just fabulous, in my opinion.

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

Seinabo Sey – Younger
(Haven’t heard of this one? You have to listen to it! Probably the best Swedish song right now.)

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Robin Thunholm’s music video for For BDK

A former school mate of mine, Robin Thunholm, has made the new music video for the Swedish drugbeat* duo For BDK. The song is called New Ways of Digging Deeper. And when I say “made” I mean the whole thing. Directed, filmed, edited. Everything. I really like it. Feels raw, honest and professional.

If you want to see more stuff made by Robin, visit his Vimeo page.

For BDK currently have 294 listeners on

* If you’re wondering what kind of music drugbeat is, there is only one answer: the kind of music that For BDK makes, obviously. I think they’ve come up with the name drugbeat themselves.

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Miriam Bryant

A while ago I was doing the dishes and listening to the radio, and a live performance came on. It was a girl called Miriam Bryant, a name I had never heard of before. She started her set with this song (this video is from a difference performance, though):

… and as I stood there doing the dishes, I found myself really enjoying this music. Her voice is so intense. Some people mention Adele’s voice when talking about and to Miriam Bryant, and I can see why. Miriam’s voice has more of a rock touch to it, though. In my opinion.

About a day later, I heard Miriam’s song Push Play on the radio, and I realized I had heard her many times before. That song is played on the radio quite often right now. However, now that I had first got a chance to appreciate Raised in Rain, it was as if I could listen to Push Play in a new way. I really, really like that song too, now. Push Play has a more electronic, upbeat sound than Raised in Rain. Same goes with Miriam’s biggest hit so far: Finders, Keepers. With that said, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to press play on a Miriam Bryant song expecting to hear the Adele kind of music. That would just be disappointing, because the genres are totally different.

So, what does Miriam sound like? Well, check her out on YouTube or Spotify. She seems to have her roots in soul, but the music you’ll hear is more like electronic pop. Here’s her song Push Play, quite popular in Sweden right now (and maybe in other countries, too?):

Miriam Bryant currently has 4 739 listeners on

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Sarah Jaffe

Only a few minutes ago I found Sarah Jaffe’s music by accident. I was watching some videos on YouTube, and a video containing the photo above showed up in the right menu (with recommended videos). This happens to me sometimes. I see awesome photographs of a band or an artist, and I just have to check them out. Because I am a sucker for photography. This picture of Sarah caught my attention. Her eyes. The depth of field. The hair blowing in the wind. I just love it.

And the music didn’t disappoint me. On it says Sarah Jaffe is a singer-songwriter. The term singer-songwriter disturbs me a lot. What the fuck is a singer-songwriter? How is that a genre? It’s just stupid. Another tag on is dream pop, which I think describes Sarah’s music better. Dream pop with both folk and electronic touches. At times very dark. At times lighter. But what’s most important: all the songs I’ve listened to so far are interesting. Listen to this song called Halfway Right; I’m getting Ben Howard vibes here! Just imagine Ben’s voice and more acoustic guitars.

Yes. I’m digging this. Sarah Jaffe. A name I will keep in mind. Some songs sound a little like Florence + The Machine (for example Sucker For Your Marketing). However, Glorified High is one of my favorite songs so far.

Sarah Jaffe on Spotify.

Sarah Jaffe currently has 42 184 listeners on

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