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Tiny Moving Parts – “Caution”

Tiny Moving Parts released a new video and I like it very much.


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30 songs: 10

10: A song you wish you wrote.

There are no words to describe how perfect I find Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t by Brand New. Flawless.

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“You can take it but you better give it back to me”

I don’t know why I rarely write here. I constantly think about music in different ways. Always new ideas for what I should write about in this blog. Still, nothing. No words here for months. Life sure is strange.

However, Mat Kerekes (from Citizen) just dropped a new record called Luna & the Wild Blue Everything and it is very beautiful. This song featuring Anthony Green is my favorite so far:

Mat Kerekes – Direction


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“Feelings come and go / I will let you know”

Last year I kept coming back to Peripheral Vision by Turnover. Months passed but it stayed in my mind and I played it over and over through all seasons. Promise Everything by Basement is my Peripheral Vision of 2016. I already know it for sure. This record has some grungey 90’s, early 00’s rock vibes to it while also managing to feel fresh and interesting. Need I mention that the vocals are as great as ever when it comes to Basement?

By the way, I was lucky enough to see Basement live last week. They played in a very small basement (! very meta) in Stockholm. Tigers Jaw played a whole bunch of songs, too. The whole thing was really an incredible experience. Here’s a picture I took:

To sum up: make sure you don’t miss out on Promise Everything. You might as well start with this song and this song.

Listen to the record on Spotify.

Basement currently have 115 302 listeners on

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New Native

Photo: Alex Dietrich.

Kind of blown away from listening to Twisting by New Native for the first time. Isn’t that exactly what an EP should do to you?

New Native – Coughing Ashes

Of course they’re on Spotify.

New Native currently have 848 listeners on

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8 free tracks

Get free tracks from Bayside, Man Overboard, Senses Fail and Seaway here. Two songs from each band.

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“Maaan, I’m always fucked up!”

Can’t stop listening to Busch Hymns by Posture & the Grizzly. Ridiculously addictive. The album cover is neat, too:

Check out the track below and then click here to download this album for free.

Posture & the Grizzly currently have 2 247 listeners on

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Grab yourself some twinkly emo

When All We Love is Lost and sports. are two American emo acts with twinkly touches. What they’ve released so far has a playful, unpolished feeling to it. Check out these tracks:

When All We Love is Lost – Downtown Sidewalks

sports. – Classic 2s

Last year, When All We Love is Lost and sports. released an acoustic EP called Oh, Okay//Wait, What? together. You can download this EP, as well as everything else they’ve all uploaded, for free through their Bandcamp pages. Click here for When All We Love is Lost, and then click here for sports.

When All We Love is Lost currently has 273 listeners on (He’s on Spotify, too!)
sports. currently have 477 listeners on

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Moose Blood

Last week I went to see Balance and Composure here in Stockholm. Seeing them live was absolutely stunning. Very intense and full of energy. If they’re ever in your area, make sure to catch their show! However, what I really wanted to write about is the band that supported Balance and Composure: Moose Blood. Four guys from England who played music that definitely took me by surprise. I had listened to a couple of tunes before the show, just to see who they are, but I didn’t really pay a lot of attention I guess. And then I stood there at the show and I was just like: “Wow. This is great!” I love it when bands surprise you like that.

Moose Blood – Chin Up

Check out Moose Blood on Spotify.

Moose Blood currently have 5 810 listeners on

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“This pain and suffering are feelings that you don’t know”

Hidden in Plain View – Twenty Below

Every now and then I suddenly remember how much I love this song. I’m not as into any of their other work, just this particular song. It does things to me. Feelings.

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“I called in sick from your funeral / The sight of your body made me feel uncomfortable”

Well, the album cover is gorgeous. So why shouldn’t the music be, too? Do yourself a favor today and check out The Hotelier’s Home, Like Noplace is There. The whole party is just a click away.

The Hotelier currently have 9 077 listeners on

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