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30 songs: 3

3: A song with no lyrics.

The first song that came to my mind was Raein by Ólafur Arnalds. Definitely one of my favorite instrumental songs. (By the way, it seems like it’s still possible to download the whole Found Songs record for free here.)

But as I kept thinking about instrumental music I’ve been into over the years, I also recalled how I listened quite a bit to Mulatu Astatke a few years ago. Yègellé Tezeta is probably his most famous song, as well as my favorite:

Yet another instrumental track I am very fond of is Sometimes I Just Go For It by The Used. I like it because it’s different from other music they have released. Most likely because it was released as an “idea” rather than anything else, and I’m glad it was left like that. Just a demo, neither more nor less.

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Topshelf Records 2016 sampler

Be sure to download this free sampler from Topshelf Records. Have I mentioned how much I like this record company?

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“And every dream I’ve ever had has been of myself”

Last spring I couldn’t stop listening to Magnolia by Turnover. (I mean, how great isn’t Most of the Time?!) This spring was the same in many ways, because Turnover released their record Peripheral Vision and I kept listening to it over and over again. Then spring became summer and I just kept listening to the record. Phenomenal and dreamy. Turnover have developed their sound beautifully in a way that user mazalthan described very well: “Somehow this record manages to be dark, yet inviting, and beautiful, yet subtle, all simultaneously.”

Do yourself a favor and listen to Peripheral Vision. If you have a record player you should probably even buy it because of reasons.

(PS: There are a few older Turnover tracks available for free on their page. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll find them.)

Turnover – Cutting My Fingers Off

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Amanda Bergman

Photo: Julia Mård

On my way to work the other day I saw Amanda Bergman outside my neighborhood’s bakery. I didn’t stop to say how much I adore her. I just smiled at her and she smiled back at me. A few minutes later, I realised I haven’t written anything about her music in this blog. About time, then.

First and foremost, I couldn’t decide on a title for this post because Amanda has used so many different names as an artist.  When I started listening to her she was known as Hajen (The Shark in Swedish). Very few songs were released, so I listened to three songs or so over and over and over and over again. This one, for example:

Hajen – Scapegoat

And you don’t have to understand Swedish to find Svensken (Meaning “the Swede”) beautiful, am I right?:

Later on, Hajen changed her stage name to Jaw Lesson. There was at least one song released using this name. And then it suddenly happened again: a new name. This time Amanda decided on the name Idiot Wind and she has stuck with it for years now. She released a couple of EP:s and they were both stunning. Check them out on Bandcamp or, if you’re lazy, just listen to this this track to start with:

Idiot Wind – For to Save One

A lot of people waited and waited for Idiot Wind to release her first full-length, but it just didn’t happen. What did happen, though, was Amason. A band where Amanda is one of the members. They recently released their debut album Sky City which features this song:

Amason – Went to War

What else about Amanda Bergman, then? Well, she’s married to Kristian Matsson, also known as The Tallest Man on Earth. How dreamy is that? When I saw Amanda live at a bar as Hajen years ago, The Tallest Man on Earth joined her for a few songs. A couple of years or so later when I went to see The Tallest Man on Earth live, Amanda joined him on stage during the last few songs and life was so good.

To summarize: Amanda Bergman is one of my favorite Swedish musicians, for sure. Walking past her that morning outside the bakery just made my day a little brighter. It’s all about the smallest things, right? I also enjoy living in a small country like Sweden where chances to stumble upon musicians you like are quite big (once at a concert, one of my idols Lars Winnerbäck was sitting behind me; I almost cried of happiness). Pretty cool. Speaking of small countries; one of my sister’s friends from school is the person who has shot the photo of Amanda at the top of this post. She’s also shot my favorite The Tallest Man on Earth photo of all time. She’s just friends with Amanda and Kristian or something. Not jelly at all.

Free downloads available through Hajen’s page: Scapegoat, Sharks and Svensken.

Idiot Wind (combined with Hajen, Jaw Lesson and Amanda Bergman) currently has 12 342 listeners on
Amason currently have 41 452 listeners on

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Lewis Watson

Sitting at a coffee place downtown today I was surprised to suddenly hear a Lewis Watson song. Surprised because he isn’t a very famous musician; I’m actually pretty sure he still counts as fairly unknown in Sweden. But there I was, having coffee and a cinnamon bun, when Into the Wild started playing:

If you find yourself enjoying Lewis’ voice and all you can listen to more of his tunes on Spotify. There’s also a free track available on his Bandcamp page.

Lewis Watson currently has 71 942 listeners on

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I stumbled across a band called Author today. There was this album review on and I only read it because I thought Author is a cool band name. That happens to me a lot; I check out bands because I like their names. And I definitely don’t regret giving Author a chance.

Author just released their full-length debut called Of Brighter Days, a genuine indie rock record with smooth vocals. I guess there’s no need to mention the Copeland vibes since everyone else seems to have done so already. Oh, I just did it anyway… Well. My favorite track from Of Brighter Days so far is Shadows:

When I had listened to their record for a while, I googled them to see what else they might have released in the past. I’m glad I did. I found their Bandcamp page with an EP called People Are Alike All Over and holy fuck that shit is good. What a singer that guy is. Just listen to this one:

Author – Separation

Wow. Just wow. And you know what? You can download People Are Alike All Over for free. Just visit Author’s Bandcamp page and get the tunes.

Author on Spotify.

Author currently have 11 958 listeners on (There is another act with the same name, though, so their scrobblers are combined.)


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8 free tracks

Get free tracks from Bayside, Man Overboard, Senses Fail and Seaway here. Two songs from each band.

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“Maaan, I’m always fucked up!”

Can’t stop listening to Busch Hymns by Posture & the Grizzly. Ridiculously addictive. The album cover is neat, too:

Check out the track below and then click here to download this album for free.

Posture & the Grizzly currently have 2 247 listeners on

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Grab yourself some twinkly emo

When All We Love is Lost and sports. are two American emo acts with twinkly touches. What they’ve released so far has a playful, unpolished feeling to it. Check out these tracks:

When All We Love is Lost – Downtown Sidewalks

sports. – Classic 2s

Last year, When All We Love is Lost and sports. released an acoustic EP called Oh, Okay//Wait, What? together. You can download this EP, as well as everything else they’ve all uploaded, for free through their Bandcamp pages. Click here for When All We Love is Lost, and then click here for sports.

When All We Love is Lost currently has 273 listeners on (He’s on Spotify, too!)
sports. currently have 477 listeners on

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93 free tracks!

Make sure not to miss this! Topshelf Records just released their annual label sampler, containing bands from their label as well as bands they want everyone to check out. 93 (!) tracks for you to enjoy. Price: $0. If you do decide to pay, though, the money goes to charity. There’s a wide range of genres among these songs; I’d be surprised if you didn’t find something you like.

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Awesome compilation from Run For Cover

Run For Cover Records are offering a “Best of 2014” sampler for free through their Bandcamp page. It features one track from every record they’ve released in 2014. Make sure to get this if you’re into post-hardcore, shoegaze, post-punk, indie, emo or basically anything else that sounds good. The sampler features Whirr, Makthaverskan, Nothing, Modern Baseball and Hostage Calm among others.

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Free screamo


Are you interested in or maybe already a fan of screamo music? Good news: the website Real Screamo is offering a compilation through Bandcamp, called Real Screamo Compilation Vol. 4. It shouldn’t disappoint you. I just got it and I’m looking forward to listening to it.

From the Bandcamp page: “This compilation is ‘pay-what-you-want’. If you choose to donate any amount of money, 100% of all proceeds raised by this compilation will be donated towards the RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network).”

Click here to download, whether you’ve got a few dollars to spare or not. Once the download is complete you’re all ready to enjoy some State Faults, Via Fondo and The Saddest Landscape. To name a few.

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Winter vs spring vs summer

Okay, I might’ve gotten a bit carried away today while out walking. What happened was that it was really sunny and the streets were dry. For everyone who hasn’t been in Sweden these past few months I can just say that we have barely seen the sun at all, and it’s been either snowing or raining pretty much all the time. So today, when I was walking with the sun in my eyes, I didn’t just start thinking about songs that I associate with spring. My thoughts went all the way to hot summer nights abroad. And by abroad I mean warm countries. Countries where they have that special sort of orange glow during the evenings when the sun is going down. And I started thinking about songs by one specific Swedish band, that I think has captured those orange summer nights very well within their sound: Billie the Vision & the Dancers. To me, it’s even a little weird listening to them while it’s still winter, but when I came home I just had to give these two songs a listen:

Billie the Vision & the Dancers – A Man From Argentina (Download this one for free here)

Billie the Vision & the Dancers – Nightmares (Download this one for free here)

These fellas currently have 136 676 listeners on

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“The sun goes down / I feel the light betray me”

I just discovered something really weird. Weird in a good way. You can download Linkin Park’s magnificent album Hybrid Theory for free over at Legally! How great is that? Just click here to download each track. When Rock Sound published a countdown called 101 Modern Classic Albums, Hybrid Theory was number one:
“That LP’s 25-million selling introduction claims top spot should come as no surprise. An electronic, guitar-driven firestarter that continues to shift units by the bucketload nearly 12 years on, ‘Hybrid Theory’ remains one of the most iconic and staggeringly successful releases of the 21st Century, the likes of which will almost certainly never be seen again.”

I’ve loved Hybrid Theory so much from the first time I heard it, which was around the time it was released (2000). As Rock Sound said, iconic record. These days it’s hard to believe Linkin Park used to be this good.

Linkin Park currently have 3 504 584 listeners on

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Dine Alone Records offer free tunes

Over at Dine Alone Records’ site you can get a bunch of free tunes from City and Colour, Alexisonfire, Jimmy Eat World, The Lumineers and more. Click here to visit Dine Alone and download their Holiday Sampler 2013.

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