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Julien Baker and Manchester Orchestra

Thank. You. Mighty. Power.

This cover of Pedro the Lion’s Bad Things to Such Good People is perfect.

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30 songs: 9

9: A song you recently recommended to someone.

This spring Cymbals Eat Guitars are coming to Stockholm. That means I’ve recently been trying to get friends to buy tickets for their show by recommending tracks such as this one:

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Living North

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30 songs: 4

4: A short song

Badly Drawn Boy – I Was Wrong

I’ve loved this since I first heard it. Just perfect.

I always hoped I’d build my world around you
And it’s a miracle I ever found you
Do the colours of the rainbow radiate to everyone
Now I don’t know how I could live without you
But certainly I know I’m not about to
I don’t believe in anything I see unless I can feel it too

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30 songs: 1

So I’ve put together my own “30 songs” challenge. It’s been inspired by various “30 days 30 songs” lists, but I don’t dare promising I’ll actually post daily, so I decided to skip the “days” part. Anyway, here’s the list:

1 – A song by a band/artist that isn’t very famous
2 – A one hit wonder that you like
3 – A song with no lyrics
4 – A short song
5 – A song in a foreign language
6 – A song you can always relate to
7 – A song that is your guilty pleasure
8 – A song you loved when you were a kid
9 – A song you recently recommended to someone
10 – A song you wish you wrote
11 – A song that reminds you of summer
12 – A song with a name in the title
13 – A song by a musician that has passed away
14 – A song you like hearing live
15 – A song people wouldn’t expect you to like
16 – A music video that you like
17 – A song from your favorite album
18 – A song from a movie
19 – A song you’re currently obsessed with
20 – A song that reminds you of somewhere
21 – A song you want to dance to at your wedding
22 – A song that describes you
23 – A song that reminds you of your parents
24 – A cover song
25 – A song that reminds you of a former friend
26 – A song that you love thanks to someone in your family
27 – Your favorite song 15 years ago
28 – A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend
29 – A song by a band/artist you didn’t like at first
30 – Favorite song from the current charts

Today is number one: “A song by a band/artist that isn’t very famous”. Since I was a teenager and found out about MySpace, looking for new, unknown bands and artists has been a great interest of mine. Many of those I listened to early on in their careers have made it quite far, others are still working to make it. Some don’t strive for success at all; playing music is merely a hobby for them. Even others quit, parted ways or just gave up. I want to dedicate this post to a band that broke up before a possible break-through. They’re called Italian Edition and I first heard of them in a blog maybe six years ago. Someone had written about their records Ludditudes and The Fable of the Mouse and the Frog just like I’m doing right now and I was instantly hooked on their sound. Have a listen:

Italian Edition – Show Me Yours

Italian Edition – Battles

Italian Edition – Miss Demeanor

They deserve to have three songs featured here, right? The vocals, the melodies, the warm guitars. I guess I just truly want more people to listen to this band.

Italian Edition currently have 234 listeners on They’re not on Spotify.

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Yet another great OK Go video

This music video is stunning.

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“But yes we can”

What are Grizzly Bear up to these days? I miss them too much. Veckatimest is definitely one of my favorite records ever and Shields is really amazing, too. Grizzly Bear’s sound fits Swedish autumns very well. Dark and moody with glimpses of light.

Grizzly Bear – I Live With You

Grizzly Bear – Sun In Your Eyes

Grizzly Bear – Foreground

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“You are going your way / I am going your way as well”

Spinning this a lot this spring. The Big Sleep by Deportees. Recommended if you like indie rock with original vocals. Can’t get enough of the album art, either.

Deportees – Hard Rain

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Robert Smith’s cover of The Twilight Sad

I’ve listened to The Twilight Sad’s music for quite a while now, but I’ve never thought about how well Robert Smith’s voice would actually fit to their songs. Now that he’s made me aware of it, this version of There’s a Girl In the Corner feels obvious.

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Fox & Cats

Photo: Daniel Nelson

This band called Fox & Cats added me on Twitter a while back. I decided to check out what they’ve recorded and it turned out they’ve made some songs that I enjoy. These two are my favorites:

Fox & Cats – This is Your Brain on Love

Fox & Cats – Thoughts

Overall, their EP This is Your Brain on Love is filled with different teenagy emotions both lyrically and musically. I believe Fox & Cats have a record coming out soon. I’ll definitely keep my eyes and ears open, making sure not to miss it.

Check out Fox & Cats on Spotify.

Fox & Cats currently have 118 listeners on

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I stumbled across a band called Author today. There was this album review on and I only read it because I thought Author is a cool band name. That happens to me a lot; I check out bands because I like their names. And I definitely don’t regret giving Author a chance.

Author just released their full-length debut called Of Brighter Days, a genuine indie rock record with smooth vocals. I guess there’s no need to mention the Copeland vibes since everyone else seems to have done so already. Oh, I just did it anyway… Well. My favorite track from Of Brighter Days so far is Shadows:

When I had listened to their record for a while, I googled them to see what else they might have released in the past. I’m glad I did. I found their Bandcamp page with an EP called People Are Alike All Over and holy fuck that shit is good. What a singer that guy is. Just listen to this one:

Author – Separation

Wow. Just wow. And you know what? You can download People Are Alike All Over for free. Just visit Author’s Bandcamp page and get the tunes.

Author on Spotify.

Author currently have 11 958 listeners on (There is another act with the same name, though, so their scrobblers are combined.)


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Music for snowy days

There’s something about cohesive soundtracks. Those that are written and/or performed by one single artist or band. I personally think that it adds another dimension to the movie because songs can be such a good complement to the story. Since it’s currently winter and snowy in Sweden, I thought I’d post a little something about the soundtrack to About a Boy.  The phenomenal Damon Gough aka Badly Drawn Boy (let’s talk more about him sometime!) is the brains behind this record. Even though neither the movie nor the soundtrack really fits 100 % into the Christmas category I always find myself listening to these songs a lot this time of year. Going out for a walk in the cold on a sunny day, hearing the snow crunch under your shoes. That’s what I associate this record with. It’s definitely one of my favorite Badly Drawn Boy albums.

P.S.: I can also recommend the book (written by Nick Hornby) and the movie, if you haven’t already checked them out.

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This video won’t let you down

OK Go have made an absolutely stunning music video for their song I Won’t Let You Down. I hardly watch music videos anymore, but this one is so captivating I could just repeat it all day.

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A few months ago (yes, it took me long to finally write this post) a band called Vinyette emailed me and told me about their music. They were just about to release a music video for their song Tattoo Crazy. Summer passed, I was quite busy with school and my two bachelor theses. I hardly wrote anything here, I believe. All of a sudden I finally left the university and moved to Stockholm (hey, I’m a real teacher now. Yay me!). Lots of things to fix in the new apartment, very tired every day after work. You know. Life. But I thought about the guys in Vinyette from time to time, and listened to their tunes on Soundcloud every now and then. And today it’s time to tell the rest of you about these guys.

Vinyette make alternative rock music with indie influences and I believe they’ve written a bio somewhere where they explain their use of funk and blues ingredients. What I like about Vinyette is that their songs have quite different sounds. I like that in musicians; the ability to show different sides and sounds of yourself. My two favorite Vinyette songs are MDP and Meatball Love Tone.

This one, MDP, takes me back to the 90’s. To me, there is just a garage smelling grunge feeling to the whole thing. I really dig it. It sounds raw.

If you listen to Meatball Love Tone you can probably hear the smooth guitars in the background. Smells like the 80’s. I can’t help but think about The Cure. Not in a “this sounds like The Cure” kind of way. Meatball Love Tone just has something that leads me to The Cure. I like that feeling. It’s captivating.

You can easily stream some cool Vinyette songs on their Soundcloud page. You can also download a bunch of tracks for free on their website. They are also on Spotify. Thanks for sharing your music, Vinyette!

Vinyette currently have 39 listeners on

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Rest in peace, Elliott Smith

Can’t wait to go on YouTube tomorrow to see which Elliott Smith songs Badly Drawn Boy (the guy in the photo above) played tonight at the tribute show in London. Should be great. Elliott Smith was a phenomenal songwriter, truly one of a kind. And Badly Drawn Boy has grown to be one of my favorite artists out there. Hearing Badly Drawn Boy perform Smith songs should be heartbreaking but beautiful. Rest in peace, Elliott.

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I was supposed to see TTNG (formerly known as This Town Needs Guns) live in Stockholm tonight. I had planned to, at least. That didn’t happen, because I chose to spend my money on a new cruiser skateboard instead (hey, I’m a student, I need to prioritize!). It’s been a while now since I discovered TTNG. I liked their music immediately. Stuart Smith, who was the singer at the time, has a very original voice. Together with some indie touched math rock music that made awesome tunes. Stuart left the band a while ago, though, replaced by Henry Tremain. TTNG just released a new album called, which I haven’t listened to a lot, yet. I must say that Henry’s voice hasn’t caught my attention like Stuart’s did.

If you want to check out these guys, you should visit their Bandcamp page. I personally think you should start with listening to their album Animals. Pig is one of my favorite tracks from that album:

TTNG on Spotify.

TTNG currently have 94 109 listeners on (pages for TTNG and This Town Needs Guns combined).

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