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“Feelings come and go / I will let you know”

Last year I kept coming back to Peripheral Vision by Turnover. Months passed but it stayed in my mind and I played it over and over through all seasons. Promise Everything by Basement is my Peripheral Vision of 2016. I already know it for sure. This record has some grungey 90’s, early 00’s rock vibes to it while also managing to feel fresh and interesting. Need I mention that the vocals are as great as ever when it comes to Basement?

By the way, I was lucky enough to see Basement live last week. They played in a very small basement (! very meta) in Stockholm. Tigers Jaw played a whole bunch of songs, too. The whole thing was really an incredible experience. Here’s a picture I took:

To sum up: make sure you don’t miss out on Promise Everything. You might as well start with this song and this song.

Listen to the record on Spotify.

Basement currently have 115 302 listeners on

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Albums on repeat

Two albums I’m really into right now are Citizen’s Youth and Makthaverskan’s Makthaverskan II.

It took me a while before I gave Citizen a listen. I sort of wish I had done it earlier. I had seen their name all over the place (i.e. the internet/in magazines) but never really got to the point where I felt interested in what sort of music they play. However, I’m glad they’re in my life now. On repeat. Youth is an interesting record. Very emotional. So what kind of music do they play? Well, I’d say melodic hardcore with lovely Brand New vibes.

If you want to check out Citizen, today is your lucky day! They’ve got a bunch of free tracks available for download on Download and enjoy.

Citizen currently have 38 892 listeners on
Citizen’s Youth on Spotify.



“So what’s up with this Makthaverskan thing?” some of you might ask. I guess if you’re not a Swede, their band name might be a little weird to you. Makthaverskan could be directly translated as The Ruler. Someone who has the power, that is. Makt is Swedish for power. Makthaverskan suggests that it’s a female ruler; otherwise one would say “makthavare” (for a male ruler). Well, enough language talk. Makthaverskan are a Swedish post punk band and they are amazing. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Great female vocals with a perfect amount of teenage angst and anger.

Makthaverskan currently have 11 914 listeners on
Makthaverskan’s Makthaverskan II on Spotify.

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Blink and you’ll miss it


No Sleep Records are currently up to something they call Free Bandcamp days. Departures’ amazing record Teenage Haze is available for free. You’ve just got to grab it. Teenage Haze has such beautiful melodies; it was definitely an instant crush for me as soon as I heard the opening track Drained Out less than a year ago. If you like people who yell, drums that constantly lead the song forward, and sweet album covers then this record is perfect for your autumn. Download it for free here before it’s too late.

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