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30 songs: 12

12: A song with a name in the title.

Only a few weeks ago, kent – Sweden’s biggest rock band – officially disbanded. Their final tour was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen on a stage. Truly unforgettable. I went to three of the shows, including their funeral on December 17. Of course it’s sad that kent broke up, but I’m glad they stayed together for so long and made a lot of very good music. This is one of my absolute favorite kent songs:

kent – Ansgar & Evelyne

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Definitely re-issued


Just read the article Oasis to re-issue ‘Definitely Maybe’ with rare, unreleased tracks for 20th anniversary over at The special edition CD tracklisting looks tasty (see below). Will I buy it? Fuck yeah. Beyond stoked for this news. Most definitely my favorite Oasis record. Keep your eyes open for the re-issue in May.

Disc 1
1. ‘Rock’n’Roll Star’
2. ‘Shakermaker’
3. ‘Live Forever’
4. ‘Up In The Sky’
5. ‘Columbia’
6. ‘Supersonic’
7. ‘Bring It On Down’
8. ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’
9. ‘Digsy’s Dinner’
10. ‘Slide Away’
11. ‘Married With Children’

Disc 2
1. ‘Columbia’ (White Label Demo)
2. ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ (Demo)
3. ‘Sad Song’
4. ‘I Will Believe’ (Live)
5. ‘Take Me Away’
6. ‘Alive’ (Demo)
7. ‘D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?’
8. ‘Supersonic’ (Live)
9. ‘Up In The Sky’ (Acoustic)
10. ‘Cloudburst’
11. ‘Fade Away’
12. ‘Listen Up’
13. ‘I Am The Walrus’ (Live Glasgow Cathouse June 1994)
14. ‘Whatever’
15. ‘(It’s Good) To Be Free’
16. ‘Half The World Away’

Disc 3
1. ‘Supersonic’ (Live At Glasgow Tramshed)
2. ‘Rock’N’Roll Star’ (Demo)
3. ‘Shakermaker’ (Live Paris in-store)
4. ‘Columbia’ (Eden Studios Mix)
5. ‘Cloudburst’ (Demo)
6. ‘Strange Thing’ (Demo)
7. ‘Live Forever’ (Live Paris in-store)
8. ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ (Live At Manchester Academy)
9. ‘D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?’ (Live At Manchester Academy)
10.’Fade Away’ (Demo)
11. ‘Take Me Away’ (Live At Manchester Academy)
12. ‘Sad Song’ (Live At Manchester Academy)
13. ‘Half The World Away’ (Live, Tokyo hotel room)
14. ‘Digsy’s Dinner’ (Live, Paris in-store)
15. ‘Married With Children’ (Demo)
16. ‘Up In The Sky’ (Live Paris in-store)
17. ‘Whatever’ (Strings

(Tracklisting borrowed from

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Findings from the MySpace era, part 1

Back in 2003 I started hanging out on MySpace. At the time, few people in Sweden did. I used the site frequently for about four or five years. It was such an amazing place to find new bands and artists. Some of those I found and started listening to have become quite famous within their scene. Others may not even be a band anymore.

In my new little section Findings from the Myspace era, I will share some of my favorite bands and artists from the MySpace days. Kind of nostalgic, at least for me. In this first part I will let you know about Dead City Riots. Saying they’re a band I found through MySpace is a lie, though. Here’s the story about how I started listening to them: my English teacher in upper secondary school had been to Scotland on vacation. When he came back he gave me a demo called Dead City Riots EP by the Glasgow based band Dead City Riots. (He knew I was very interested in new music, that’s why he gave me the EP.) From what I can remember, they had either been playing songs in the street or maybe just handed out CD:s for free. Not quite sure. It doesn’t really matter, either.

I couldn’t thank my English teacher enough for giving me that EP. It has a raw feeling to it, which I loved right from the start. I visited the band’s MySpace page and found out that they had released a whole record since that EP. After I had gotten in touch with the band (through MySpace) they sent me their album (for free) and for quite a few years I kept in touch with the bass player, Cameron. Dead City Riots’ album is called Always is Never the Same, and it’s still such a great collection of songs. I’ve lost touch with Cameron so I can’t be 100 % sure, but I think the band split. Or maybe they’ve done a blink-182 and are on an indefinite hiatus. However, I can’t find any new material from Dead City Riots. Sadly. It would’ve been interesting to see how their sound developed. And what is their sound, then? Well, post grunge could be a definition.

Dead City Riots – Something’s Got to Give

Dead City Riots – Car Crash

If you want to listen to Dead City Riots, you could start with the two songs above. They’re also on Spotify, but unfortunately enough their whole record isn’t there. Kind of sucks. But hey, it’s better than nothing!

Dead City Riots currently have 42 listeners on

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The little boy rocking with Bruce

This is a video that you all have to see. On May 4th this year, I finally got to see Bruce Springsteen live. It was amazing (well, that’s no surprise). I got to hear one of my favorite songs of all time: Thunder Road. But that’s another story. However, when Bruce was playing Dancing in the Dark, he let this little boy come up on stage with him. Bruce let the boy borrow a guitar, and then he showed the boy how to be a true rockstar. So glad I got to experience this live! Here’s the YouTube video, which I do not claim to own, of course. Thanks to the person who filmed this!

(Skip to 4:10 if you just want to see the little guy and Bruce.)

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Rest in peace, My Chemical Romance

I woke up to the news about My Chemical Romance’s breakup, and immediately felt like I should dedicate a blog post to them. Not because I love them, or ever will. But because they’ve been very important to the alternative music scene, and I will always respect their work.

When I was a teenager, I was a huge (HUGE!) Good Charlotte fan, who (as most of you may know) are a band from the same scene as My Chemical Romance. The bands became popular at the same time, around 2003-2004. I used to hang out on a GC internet forum, where MCR were frequently discussed, and of course loved by lots of GC fans. So I pretty much kept up with what happened in the MCR world, whether I wanted to or not. This was back when MCR’s record Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge had just been released, which means that MCR have pretty much been involved in my life since then. As a GC fan, I checked out some of MCR’s songs. I’m Not Okay (I Promise), Helena, The Ghost of You, Vampires Will Never Hurt You and so on. One would think that it would be natural to like MCR if you like GC, because of many reasons. However, all of MCR’s tunes didn’t really grow on me. Some did. But not all of them.

As time went by, MCR released more songs that I became less and less fond of. When they released The Black Parade it wasn’t cool enough for me to like, because seriously, my sister enjoyed Welcome to the Black Parade so how could it be cool enough for me to like? I decided I didn’t like MCR’s newer songs, and that was it. MCR albums released after that weren’t given a chance by me. I heard some na-na-na (?) song on the radio and no, I didn’t like it.

Years have passed. MCR are still involved in my life. During my time at the university, I’ve written no less than two theses/dissertations/whatever those are called in your country, about fans and fan culture. Both times I studied the fan culture of My Chemical Romance. I’ve realized that I really like their albums I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. I definitely like I Don’t Love You and Famous Last Words. Honestly, I think that Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is a very important album to the alternative music scene. It’s influenced and inspired lots of bands and artists, and probably will for a long time.

It’s actually sad to see the whole MCR thing end. It’s sad to see so many of all the great bands ruling the alternative scene around 2000-2004 breaking up and coming to an end. Thursday. Underoath. Thrice. In memory of My Chemical Romance, I’ll definitely be listening to their music today. You should, too. A band making such an impact on so many lives are worth listening to. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy their music, at least give them a fucking try. Give some songs a listen and try to understand why so many people out there like this band. You might just learn something. If you don’t like it, at least respect what they’ve done for the alternative scene by working hard and being themselves.

Here are three good tunes for you to enjoy, all from different My Chemical Romance albums:

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