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30 songs: 19

19: A song you’re currently obsessed with.

I find it impossible to stop listening to You With Me by Jimmy Eat World because it has one of the best choruses I’ve heard in years. Just one hell of a song, really:

I also find it impossible to write about this song without mentioning the elephant in the room: Jimmy Eat World were clearly influenced by Eros Ramazzotti while writing You With Me:


Just one more thing… Is it weird that I kind of like You With Me even more thanks to the intro being very, you know, Ramazzottian? Jimmy Eat World goes Italian pop made for moms. That’s cute.

But seriously, I feel like the You With Me intro also reminds me of yet another song. Perhaps this one?

Maybe. I’ll update this post if I find I was actually thinking of something else than Badly Drawn Boy.

(Hey, what if Jim Adkins, Eros Ramazzotti and Damon Gough got together to write a song? Or start a band, even? And they were called Eros Eat Boy? Isn’t that what parallel universes are actually for? I’m just brainstorming over here.)

Update January 29: I think I’ve found it:

kent – Ingenting

Yet another similar intro. Too bad this Vevo upload isn’t HD, because Ingenting is a beautiful music video. You might as well watch it and hope to find it in better quality later on.

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30 songs: 4

4: A short song

Badly Drawn Boy – I Was Wrong

I’ve loved this since I first heard it. Just perfect.

I always hoped I’d build my world around you
And it’s a miracle I ever found you
Do the colours of the rainbow radiate to everyone
Now I don’t know how I could live without you
But certainly I know I’m not about to
I don’t believe in anything I see unless I can feel it too

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Music for snowy days

There’s something about cohesive soundtracks. Those that are written and/or performed by one single artist or band. I personally think that it adds another dimension to the movie because songs can be such a good complement to the story. Since it’s currently winter and snowy in Sweden, I thought I’d post a little something about the soundtrack to About a Boy.  The phenomenal Damon Gough aka Badly Drawn Boy (let’s talk more about him sometime!) is the brains behind this record. Even though neither the movie nor the soundtrack really fits 100 % into the Christmas category I always find myself listening to these songs a lot this time of year. Going out for a walk in the cold on a sunny day, hearing the snow crunch under your shoes. That’s what I associate this record with. It’s definitely one of my favorite Badly Drawn Boy albums.

P.S.: I can also recommend the book (written by Nick Hornby) and the movie, if you haven’t already checked them out.

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Rest in peace, Elliott Smith

Can’t wait to go on YouTube tomorrow to see which Elliott Smith songs Badly Drawn Boy (the guy in the photo above) played tonight at the tribute show in London. Should be great. Elliott Smith was a phenomenal songwriter, truly one of a kind. And Badly Drawn Boy has grown to be one of my favorite artists out there. Hearing Badly Drawn Boy perform Smith songs should be heartbreaking but beautiful. Rest in peace, Elliott.

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