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Winter vs spring vs summer

Okay, I might’ve gotten a bit carried away today while out walking. What happened was that it was really sunny and the streets were dry. For everyone who hasn’t been in Sweden these past few months I can just say that we have barely seen the sun at all, and it’s been either snowing or raining pretty much all the time. So today, when I was walking with the sun in my eyes, I didn’t just start thinking about songs that I associate with spring. My thoughts went all the way to hot summer nights abroad. And by abroad I mean warm countries. Countries where they have that special sort of orange glow during the evenings when the sun is going down. And I started thinking about songs by one specific Swedish band, that I think has captured those orange summer nights very well within their sound: Billie the Vision & the Dancers. To me, it’s even a little weird listening to them while it’s still winter, but when I came home I just had to give these two songs a listen:

Billie the Vision & the Dancers – A Man From Argentina (Download this one for free here)

Billie the Vision & the Dancers – Nightmares (Download this one for free here)

These fellas currently have 136 676 listeners on Last.fm.

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