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Brand New – Science Fiction

My Saturday night: I turn off all lights. I light one candle. I sit down in a chair in the living room. I put headphones on and plug them into my iPhone. I open the Music app. I listen to Brand New’s Science Fiction for the first time ever, a record I had almost lost hope for. The moment is sacred and I am completely present. Only here, only now. I shut my eyes and let the music flow through me.


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30 songs: 10

10: A song you wish you wrote.

There are no words to describe how perfect I find Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t by Brand New. Flawless.

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Angry lead singers

This photo of Danish band Lukas Graham showed up in my Facebook feed today:

… and obviously I couldn’t not think of Brand New:

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“We don’t feel anything”

Brand New – Mene

Hyping this as much as everyone else right now. Not even sorry a little bit. This band can do no wrong.

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