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Findings from the MySpace era, part 3

I can’t quite recall exactly how I ended up on John Gold’s MySpace page. What I do remember is how fast his album The Eastside Shake grew on me. Well, the few tracks that were featured on his page, however. I wrote something to John about how much I enjoyed his songs, which led to him sending me a physical copy of the entire album. For free. Just like that. Those were the MySpace days, I tell you. Ever since his CD landed in my mailbox it’s been one of my favorites in my collection. Not necessarily because I think the album itself is one of the best I’ve heard, but rather thanks to the kindness of John, the memories of being 15 something and getting free records and last but not least the flawless album design.

Simple graphic design and materials. Isn’t it beautiful?

John Gold’s music on Spotify is split to two different artist pages. You can listen to The Eastside Shake here (Idea99 and There’s a (W)Hole are my favorites) and some other releases here.

John Gold currently has 14 224 listeners on Last.fm.

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