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Lift The Decade

Lift The Decade is a band I found through AbsolutePunk in late 2012. Not very long ago, that is. They are currently recording their debut album together with Ace Enders of The Early November. Definitely looking forward to hearing the result!

The first song I heard from Lift The Decade was Out of Reverie. After listening to that, I checked out their songs on Spotify. Sadly enough, those songs are no longer available. Hopefully, these guys will be back on Spotify when the new album is released. There isn’t very much to find on YouTube, either. If you are lucky, the free mp3 in this post from AbsolutePunk is still available. Enjoy that track until the album is out. It should be good.

I haven’t heard heard enough from Lift The Decade to say that I love them, or to get a clear picture of all the spectrums in their music. So far, I’m getting Brand New and Taking Back Sunday vibes. From the songs that were formerly on Spotify, I remember quite a few tracks had screaming in them. Hoping for more of that on the upcoming album.

What I did find on YouTube, though, is an MGMT cover the band has posted:

Sounds good to me. I think this band has something that a lot of people would like to hear more of.

Lift The Decade currently have 14 listeners on Last.fm.

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