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30 songs: 14

14: A song you like hearing live.

Miriam Bryant – Raised in Rain

Must hear this live. Every chance I get.

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Miriam Bryant

A while ago I was doing the dishes and listening to the radio, and a live performance came on. It was a girl called Miriam Bryant, a name I had never heard of before. She started her set with this song (this video is from a difference performance, though):

… and as I stood there doing the dishes, I found myself really enjoying this music. Her voice is so intense. Some people mention Adele’s voice when talking about and to Miriam Bryant, and I can see why. Miriam’s voice has more of a rock touch to it, though. In my opinion.

About a day later, I heard Miriam’s song Push Play on the radio, and I realized I had heard her many times before. That song is played on the radio quite often right now. However, now that I had first got a chance to appreciate Raised in Rain, it was as if I could listen to Push Play in a new way. I really, really like that song too, now. Push Play has a more electronic, upbeat sound than Raised in Rain. Same goes with Miriam’s biggest hit so far: Finders, Keepers. With that said, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to press play on a Miriam Bryant song expecting to hear the Adele kind of music. That would just be disappointing, because the genres are totally different.

So, what does Miriam sound like? Well, check her out on YouTube or Spotify. She seems to have her roots in soul, but the music you’ll hear is more like electronic pop. Here’s her song Push Play, quite popular in Sweden right now (and maybe in other countries, too?):

Miriam Bryant currently has 4 739 listeners on Last.fm.

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