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Rest in peace, My Chemical Romance

I woke up to the news about My Chemical Romance’s breakup, and immediately felt like I should dedicate a blog post to them. Not because I love them, or ever will. But because they’ve been very important to the alternative music scene, and I will always respect their work.

When I was a teenager, I was a huge (HUGE!) Good Charlotte fan, who (as most of you may know) are a band from the same scene as My Chemical Romance. The bands became popular at the same time, around 2003-2004. I used to hang out on a GC internet forum, where MCR were frequently discussed, and of course loved by lots of GC fans. So I pretty much kept up with what happened in the MCR world, whether I wanted to or not. This was back when MCR’s record Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge had just been released, which means that MCR have pretty much been involved in my life since then. As a GC fan, I checked out some of MCR’s songs. I’m Not Okay (I Promise), Helena, The Ghost of You, Vampires Will Never Hurt You and so on. One would think that it would be natural to like MCR if you like GC, because of many reasons. However, all of MCR’s tunes didn’t really grow on me. Some did. But not all of them.

As time went by, MCR released more songs that I became less and less fond of. When they released The Black Parade it wasn’t cool enough for me to like, because seriously, my sister enjoyed Welcome to the Black Parade so how could it be cool enough for me to like? I decided I didn’t like MCR’s newer songs, and that was it. MCR albums released after that weren’t given a chance by me. I heard some na-na-na (?) song on the radio and no, I didn’t like it.

Years have passed. MCR are still involved in my life. During my time at the university, I’ve written no less than two theses/dissertations/whatever those are called in your country, about fans and fan culture. Both times I studied the fan culture of My Chemical Romance. I’ve realized that I really like their albums I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. I definitely like I Don’t Love You and Famous Last Words. Honestly, I think that Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is a very important album to the alternative music scene. It’s influenced and inspired lots of bands and artists, and probably will for a long time.

It’s actually sad to see the whole MCR thing end. It’s sad to see so many of all the great bands ruling the alternative scene around 2000-2004 breaking up and coming to an end. Thursday. Underoath. Thrice. In memory of My Chemical Romance, I’ll definitely be listening to their music today. You should, too. A band making such an impact on so many lives are worth listening to. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy their music, at least give them a fucking try. Give some songs a listen and try to understand why so many people out there like this band. You might just learn something. If you don’t like it, at least respect what they’ve done for the alternative scene by working hard and being themselves.

Here are three good tunes for you to enjoy, all from different My Chemical Romance albums:

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