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Sarah Jaffe

Only a few minutes ago I found Sarah Jaffe’s music by accident. I was watching some videos on YouTube, and a video containing the photo above showed up in the right menu (with recommended videos). This happens to me sometimes. I see awesome photographs of a band or an artist, and I just have to check them out. Because I am a sucker for photography. This picture of Sarah caught my attention. Her eyes. The depth of field. The hair blowing in the wind. I just love it.

And the music didn’t disappoint me. On Last.fm it says Sarah Jaffe is a singer-songwriter. The term singer-songwriter disturbs me a lot. What the fuck is a singer-songwriter? How is that a genre? It’s just stupid. Another tag on Last.fm is dream pop, which I think describes Sarah’s music better. Dream pop with both folk and electronic touches. At times very dark. At times lighter. But what’s most important: all the songs I’ve listened to so far are interesting. Listen to this song called Halfway Right; I’m getting Ben Howard vibes here! Just imagine Ben’s voice and more acoustic guitars.

Yes. I’m digging this. Sarah Jaffe. A name I will keep in mind. Some songs sound a little like Florence + The Machine (for example Sucker For Your Marketing). However, Glorified High is one of my favorite songs so far.

Sarah Jaffe on Spotify.

Sarah Jaffe currently has 42 184 listeners on Last.fm.

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