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Another man has an opinion about women

There’s an article on NME about what Craig David thinks of the Spice Girls reuniting. Surprisingly enough, this male human being would rather these female human beings weren’t a group creating anything together at all.

Allow me to vomit.

It won’t be authentic? It’s not necessary? Just shut the fuck up, already. I’m sorry, but whenever guys have opinions about what girl power means and doesn’t mean – that disgusts me. So Craig David has decided that women older than 30 are incapable of spreading the message of girl power? Well yes, obviously these “old” women should just stay where they belong – in the shadow – and let grown men continue to own the music scene creating crappy songs that we all wish we’d never had to hear. Who is Craig David to say that music has to be necessary? It’s no secret his latest work is the definition of an embarrassing dad trying to be down with the twenty-somethings. If that’s not pointless, then I don’t know what is.

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