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Lack of updates

I’m sorry for the lack of updates here. Apparently, I haven’t written anything in this blog since July? I’ve been so busy with school, finishing both my thesis papers. In just a few weeks, I’ll officially be a teacher of Swedish and media subjects! I’ve been studying at a university for the past five years, so you can all probably guess how stoked I am.

Also, it’s been just over a years since my mum passed away. It feels so weird, knowing she won’t be here to celebrate my graduation with me. She won’t see the apartment me and my girlfriend are moving into shortly, in Stockholm. She won’t meet the kitten, Frances, who just moved in here with us. Time will pass and I will never meet my mum again. That’s the kind of things that have been occupying my mind lately.

I’ll share a song from my mum’s funeral. It’s called Hon kommer från främmande vidder and the artist is our whole family’s favorite Swedish guy ever: Lars Winnerbäck. Me, my sister, my mum and my dad all started listening to him at the same time, about 11 or 12 years ago. Around the same time, my mum got cancer. When she passed away, she left a note with requests for her funeral. Among the music requests, she had written that she wanted something by Lars Winnerbäck played. She hadn’t written any specific songs, so my sister, dad and I sat down with Winnerbäck’s records and thought about which song to choose. We all ended up thinking about this one. It just describes mum. Sorry to all non-Swedish speaking readers; you won’t be able to understand the lyrics. But the music is still beautiful, hopefully. One of the lines would be translated as “She makes silver out of dust / She makes honey out of salt”. Yeah. Listening to this song basically breaks my heart nowadays.

I promise you all, I’ll try to write here more often. There’s still so much music to share.

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