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I stumbled across a band called Author today. There was this album review on AbsolutePunk.net and I only read it because I thought Author is a cool band name. That happens to me a lot; I check out bands because I like their names. And I definitely don’t regret giving Author a chance.

Author just released their full-length debut called Of Brighter Days, a genuine indie rock record with smooth vocals. I guess there’s no need to mention the Copeland vibes since everyone else seems to have done so already. Oh, I just did it anyway… Well. My favorite track from Of Brighter Days so far is Shadows:

When I had listened to their record for a while, I googled them to see what else they might have released in the past. I’m glad I did. I found their Bandcamp page with an EP called People Are Alike All Over and holy fuck that shit is good. What a singer that guy is. Just listen to this one:

Author – Separation

Wow. Just wow. And you know what? You can download People Are Alike All Over for free. Just visit Author’s Bandcamp page and get the tunes.

Author on Spotify.

Author currently have 11 958 listeners on Last.fm. (There is another act with the same name, though, so their scrobblers are combined.)


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